Facing unknown problems with your newly acquired ecig is extremely disappointing.  It’s reasons like this the FDA wants to get into regulating these products for quality control reasons.

Sometimes problems occur in electronic devices and ecig is no different. If you have come across an error with your ecig that has rendered it useless, you are probably worried about sending it back to your manufacturer. Sending it back to your manufacturer for checkup means at least 2-3 weeks wait before you can get a replacement or a fix for your ecig. Instead of sending it back, try these error checking methods to determine if the problem can be fixed at home by you.

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Most ecig batteries come with a charge indicator. This indicator lets you know how much of the charge is left within the ecig. On some ecig models, when the charge is low or is about to finish, the indicator starts blinking. Upon reaching the blinking state, immediately remove your battery and let it charge. If you take good care, charging your ecig battery on time means that it will have a longer life and better overall operation.

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Try not to overuse your ecig. In order to avoid overuse of an electronic cigarette, maintain your puffs. Don’t puff too hard on the ecig as it can cause damage to the battery. Try to figure out the perfect puff strength for your particular tastes and always use that strength to draw vapor. If vapor quality is not up to the mark, don’t force it, replace it with a more powerful ecig battery or model.

Most vapor problems are also caused by a poor battery. If you have just changed your cartridge and don’t get the optimal vapor you usually get from your ecig, your battery may need a recharge. In most cases the vapor can get really better by recharging your battery to max. If this does not solve your problem, try cleaning the atomizer. Your final decision should be to replace the culprit if you are still unable to fix vapor draw by recharging your battery and cleaning your atomizer.

Always keep your battery in a safe place when you are not using it. Most manufacturers give away carrying cases that can protect your battery. Don’t be lazy and always take the battery off from your atomizer when you are not puffing it. Keeping it unattached from the atomizer means you are not only saving the charge on the battery, but also increasing its overall life.

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